Discover our Virtual Event Platform

Reach a broader audience, enhance the event experience for participants, and maximize exposure for your sponsors and exhibitors.

Whether you are hosting a virtual or hybrid event, gain access to a global audience with more opportunities to monetize your content and build an online community.

Average number of attendees per event

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A platform that delivers results

  1. Get insight into attendee behaviour Track popularity of sessions, registration statistics, demographics and more to understand participant behavior and improve your event.
  2. Build community & maximize membership engagement Allow participants to meet and connect with one another and continue the conversation beyond the onsite event experience.
  3. Increase revenue & reduce costs Monetize your content and generate more sponsorship opportunities while keeping costs low.
  4. Grow brand awareness & reinforce thought leadership Making your conference available to a larger audience online will allow more people to experience your brand and see you as a thought leader.
  5. Extend the life of your event Combine your annual event with several virtual events to ensure a consistent year-round connection to your audience.
  6. Drive sustainability & social responsibility Virtual events eliminate the need for travel and save paper, reducing your carbon footprint.

3 ways to engage your audience

Grow your revenue through sponsorship

Revenue goes up

Give your sponsors and exhibitors access to unique advertising and content sharing opportunities.

Provide various ways for them to interact with your audience and target specific personas for better conversions. Share analytics highlighting demographics and behavior details so they can track their investment.